Monday, May 23, 2016

Hopes, Dreams and Hiccups

I have hopes, I still have a dream or two and I have hiccups to go around. For years I have started this blog, didn't like my approach and erased five or six entries so I could start all over again. This year, though, I think I've finally figured out what to do with my blog.

Start a "Vlog". Why not. YouTube has opened up the doors to everyone with hopes, dreams and hiccups to make a dollar or two off of their rants about whatever they happen to be passionate about. Now passion is a funny word because people rarely think of its origin when using it, but it's a word often used. Especially when it comes to love and careers.

  1. 1
    strong and barely controllable emotion.
    "a man of impetuous passion"
  2. 2
    the suffering and death of Jesus.
    "meditations on the Passion of Christ"
    "the Passion of Christ"

In fact, the word passion describes one of, if not THE, most well known and relived hiccup in history and yet we use it to describe how invested WE ARE in relationships, careers and interests. We even added our misuse of the word to the definition of passion and then placed it first, and that's why "Strong and barely controllable emotion" is listed before "the suffering and death of Jesus" in many dictionaries.

This is an example of why YouTube has given all of us the opportunity to find success through posting videos of us ranting about things we are passionate about.


So, what am I going to add to the discussion? Logic without total bias. It sounds hard, but it's really not. What makes it hard is sticking to your guns when you get attacked for speaking logic. For example, politics is full of people making illogical decisions based solely on emotion instead of on facts and logic. Why are so many minorities Democrats? Logically speaking they should be Independents, and at this point, should have started their own party by now. The facts show that Democrats are beholden to big business and lobbyists as much as, if not more, than Republicans and Republicans have done just as much to help minorities, the poor and the middle class as the Democrats and yet many minority leaders despise the GOP and tell their people to vote for the Dems.

None of it based on facts, logic or reason.

I hate it when people fail to use facts, logic and/or reason, but it happens every day and I plan on making fun of it whenever I can.

Of course I will also discuss the other two parts of my vlog's title: hopes and dreams. Unlike hiccups, I prefer leaving facts, logic and reason out of hopes and dreams because they're more fun that way, and they are meant to be fun.

Okay, that's all I am looking to say today. I have a feeling that between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Twitter, FoxNews, CNN, Bill Maher, Facebook, the RNC, DNC and (spoiler alert for the new show Preacher) the apparent death of Tom Cruise I will have much to discuss in the hiccups realm, while Game of Thrones, Captain America, Fear the Walking Dead, Star Wars, X-Men Apocalypse, TV, books and movies, my kids, and life itself will offer entries in the hopes and dreams department.

Be on the lookout for the video portion of my blog and thanks for stopping by.

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